Save the Animals:  The Gorilla Conservation




There are many factors contributing to the troubles gorillas are now facing during their lifetime.  This now creates a chance for humans to become more aware of what they are doing in order to take the proper steps towards fixing these problems.  The majority of gorillas are left out in unprotected land where they are susceptible to habitat loss, snares, trade, poaching, water shortages, and hunting.  Luckily, parks are being created around the world in order to help reduce these issues to make their life more enjoyable and long-lasting.  


The civil unrest that we have experienced in our world and the natural disasters, such as wildfires, has led to many of their homes being destroyed.  Heart disease is also a major cause of illness within the species and although these parks are great to monitor and keep under manageable conditions, we will still have to be cautious of how close we are coming in contact with these animals.  


These well run national parks are essential to the preservation and health of the gorillas.  Look into parks or donation websites around you in order to help the cause and greatly impact the lives of these beautiful creatures.